About SafeCheck

SafeCheck provides full service statutory compliance inspection, testing and risk management services for the mining, petrochemical, power and heavy industry sectors.

The mining, petrochemical, power and heavy industry sectors are by their nature high-risk operating environments and require ongoing and up-to-date compliance with stringent Federal and State Government standards, acts and legislation. Failure to meet compliance can result in shutdowns and delayed works that can impact production, ultimately affecting a company’s net earnings.

Founded in 2008, SafeCheck provides comprehensive statutory compliance services to mitigate these risks. Our services cover high-risk systems and activities, including electrical, fire and lifting inspections.

SafeCheck’s experienced inspectors are qualified in all aspects of compliance eliminating the need to engage multiple suppliers for the same service, saving mobilisation costs.

Inspectors are fully conversant in all applicable industry compliance standards and can provide comprehensive assessments of a client’s site. We are able to provide reports and solutions to ensure compliance while onsite.

Our customised data management system, SafeCheck Asset Management Application (SAMA) allows inspectors to prepare comprehensive asset reports detailing all compliant and non-compliant equipment in real time. Data is easily matched to client asset numbers and registers. Reports are provided in a variety of editable formats including CSV and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Our existing clients range from the largest resource companies in Australia to junior miners and service providers.

SafeCheck - A division of McMahon Services Australia

In 2018 Safe Check became a division of McMahon Services Australia Pty Ltd (McMahon Services). McMahon Services is an industry leading, privately owned industrial, construction and environmental services provider. With offices in South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and the Northern Territory, McMahon Services employ more than 700 staff and deliver projects from city centres to remote locations.

McMahon Services has delivered some of Australia’s most difficult and significant construction services projects. They apply their knowledge, resources and experienced teams to work across a broad range of disciplines and sectors, providing clients with the expertise and hands-on skills to meet their specific needs. McMahon Services were awarded Federal Safety Accreditation in 2009 – the first multi-disciplinary construction services company in Australia to achieve this recognition.